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monitoring this job hourly to quickly get the business, back to usual.

Two Bridges Office and a Storm Loss

Strong winds and some rain damaged the roof and interior of this service center in Two Bridges. The large duct is directing warm airflow from the large diesel-powered desiccant dehumidifier parked outside. Seven axial fans are helping to dry the interior with rapid air circulation. SERVPRO techs are

fire damaged kitchen

Fire Damage In Seaport

Your Seaport property is in good hands when our experts respond to your emergency! SERVPRO of Lower East Side / Downtown Manhattan is the best in the industry and Faster to Any Size Disaster! Our advanced equipment can restore your property to pre-damage condition.

newspapers, debris and mail stuff on the flooded floor of a warehouse

Lower Eastside Flooded Facility

The mess from the black water infiltration after a storm to this Lower East Side facility disrupted the daily routines and required immediate attention. SERVPRO, because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, arrived speedily and began to vacate the contaminated water from the warehouse and storage area. We work fast, ready 24/7, to keep your business in business.

Walls of an older multi-family home are being repaired after a water damage.

Restoring an Old Multi-Family Home

When restoring an older building experience is a huge plus. We started our franchise family with two Rhode Island locations and have restored several historic New England buildings. Now we are available to restore old buildings here in NYC.

Water damage has caused a ceiling to collapse in the hallway of a hotel.

Water Damage Repair New York

Water damage in a commercial building normally means an immediate loss of revenue. We help to shorten the amount of downtime your business experiences by providing around the clock support. Call us today.

A Hotel with a SERVPRO truck and a dumpster in front after storm damage.

After A Storm Damage the Roof of this Hotel, We Were There To Help

We were called to New Jersey after a storm caused damage to this hotel. Gusts of wind and pouring rain caused damage to the roof water damage to the rooms below.

Restoring a multi-family home, the floors have been removed and the walls are freshly painted.

Restoring a Multi-Family Home

We manage restoration projects from start to finish. In this picture, we have dried-out the home, have demoed wet and damaged sheetrock, removed the damaged floors, repaired & painted the walls/baseboard/trim.

A fire has damaged the lower level of a multi-family home.

Fire Damage in a Multi-Family Home

Our team, consisting of a Project Manager, a Crew Chief and twelve technicians arrived on the scene within 45 minutes of the call into our office. It is imperative to begin cleaning and drying the home immediately after the fire has been extinguished.