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Downtown Lower East Side Frozen Ice

The cold front lingered over the southern part of Manhattan Island in the Lower East Side and made the workers and residents of the area uncomfortable. The rain... READ MORE

Soot Damage In Lower East Side

A kitchen fire can be a stressful event, and our skilled team is here to help! Our speedy response will limit further damage and lower your restoration costs. O... READ MORE

Storm Demolition and Drying of a Lower East Side Structure

The driving rain and flooding invaded the cinder block exterior of this building in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The visible damage to the sheetrock below ... READ MORE

Fire damage repair requires trained techs.

When fire damages public spaces it is not always an option to vacate the premises entirely like with a single-family home. Many times the property manager will ... READ MORE

Document Recovery Services New York City

After a water damage or a fire and water damage in a commercial office building, there will inevitably be damaged documents and computer equipment. But all may ... READ MORE

A burst pipe and the basement seemed ruined, then SERVPRO arrived.

For many families, a finished basement is a perfect place for the kid's playroom and the laundry room. It is easy to keep the mess that is a laundry room and a ... READ MORE

After a fire we get you back to normal

This kitchen fire caught this family by surprise and covered the house in soot. The smell of smoke was present in every room of the house. After calling the fir... READ MORE

After a fire in the workplace we were there to help!

After a boiler fire broke out at this auto-repair facility we were called to clean up the mess. Fortunately, there was not too much structural damage to the bui... READ MORE

Complete Water Damage Restoration Services

The water damage that brought us to this Manhattan location was caused after heavy rains hit the island hard this summer. Our team of technicians immediately kn... READ MORE