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Construction Clean-Up & Post Construction Clean-Up Services

1/10/2020 (Permalink)

Cleaning crew working at the completion of construction project. Keep your job site clean and well managed with SERVPRO of Lower East Side/Downtown Manhattan

There is practically no construction job in New York City that doesn't worry about the amount of space available to complete the job and work comfortably. This was something a little new to us about 6 years ago when we opened our first New York City SERVPRO franchise. Being from Rhode Island often times our construction crews and construction clean-up crews had room to work in large spaces, places to put dumpsters or bullbags and even store equipment on-site without the worry that we would be impeding upon space needed for others. Now that we have been in the city for a few years we have found our niche in offering efficient, compact and affordable professional construction cleaning services and project management in all 5 boroughs. We are available to help manage construction projects in New York City, call our offices today! 

Experience Storm Damage Restoration Team

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

A photo collage of SERVPRO team members working after major storm damage. Our SERVPRO Team has helped in disaster recovery efforts after major storms.

Our team of disaster restoration technicians are lead by seasoned project managers who have helped in recovery efforts after major storms around the country. We have learned quite a bit over our 12 plus years of providing disaster restoration services to commercial and residential property owners in New England, New York and several other states, and as we have grown our presence in the region we have also grown our skill sets to provide more efficiency in the recovery process after a disaster. Mainly we provide professional construction & contractor services allowing us to more effectively tackle a disaster restoration project without the impediment of subcontractor delays. We manage your restoration project from start to finish, quickly and transparently keeping you and your staff up to speed throughout. If you are in need of our disaster restoration and construction services contact our office today. We are here to help!

We Help Keep Your Business Running After A Disaster

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

In the hospitality world, damage to your property means downtime and immediate loss of revenue. Depending upon the severity of the damage and the type of business, losing space in your hotel, motel, or other hospitality business has many repercussions. Your restoration requires a dedicated team of professional restoration technicians versed in restoring these types of losses. Our team is trained and well prepared to quickly and efficiently provide restoration and construction services guiding you through this important project from beginning to end. Upon receiving your call we immediately send out a project manager and restoration techs to begin processes that will limit the damage. We provide up-front, transparent quotes and pricing. Also, we have worked with almost every major insurance provider so we can relieve your concerns and provide complete project management services.

Water Damage Repair NYC

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

A living room has been flooded with water. If you experience water damage in New York City call our office, fast!

We are your 24/7 water damage repair team here in NYC. Our local team of restoration technicians understand the importance of their work and are on-call when an emergency water damage occurs anywhere in the city. When you call SERVPRO of Lower Eastside/Downtown Manhattan a local representative will be at your property in a timely manner, depending upon the severity of the issue they may arrive shortly after your call. Because most homes and apartments in NYC are in multi-level buildings our disaster response teams are trained to act quickly in after a water damage call. The sooner we are able to clean-up water that has soaked the area and remove moisture from the floors, walls, ceilings, and the air; the more damage we can prevent.

What To Do After A Fire Damage

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage to a home has left soot all over the walls and cabinetry. After a fire, the clean-up process can be almost impossible without the right equipment and training, call us!

When fire damages a property, emotions run high and the amount of work required to repair the home or business at times can seem overwhelming. This is why your first call in fire damage recovery should be to your local SERVPRO office. After the damage has occurred we will arrive on location to quickly help you to avoid further damage and to evaluate the situation so that we can provide a complete quote to restore the property. We will provide you with project updates throughout the process that will help you understand the steps we will take to completely restore your property. Our professional contractors never cut corners and are backed by the SERVPRO Guarantee of Satisfaction, so you can rest assured there will be no issues later on down the line. And our efficient, 'Start-to-Finish' abilities normally make us the most affordable option for restoration projects of all sizes. Call our office to learn more. 

Do you have a large construction project in NYC?

10/2/2019 (Permalink)

A major construction project in a large city. Cranes dot the skyline during major commercial construction.

When contemplating the right time to renovate and restore a building in NYC there are several factors that go into the decision-making process. There are many different contractors and sub-contractors that need to be hired and trusted to do their job in a timely fashion, concern for the state of the building and its tenants during construction amongst other factors. SERVPRO is an area leader in Commercial Building Renovations in NYC, we can manage all phases of your construction project and provide complete transparency throughout the process. Our experienced restoration managers are able to diagnose and quote the renovation contract with accuracy ensuring there are few surprises once construction is underway.  We provide a professional and clean-working crew that will provide quality work with as little disturbance to the rest of the property as possible. Contact our office today to discuss your next major renovation, we have the solution you need!

Commercial Water Damage Repair Manhattan

10/2/2019 (Permalink)

Drying equipment is set up in an NYC high rise to remove water from the ceiling after a pipe broke. Drying equipment is set up in an NYC high rise to remove water from the ceiling after a pipe broke.

We arrived on the scene in the large Manhattan office building to check out a water leak that was coming down from the 40' vaulted ceiling. Our production manager Sean arrived first and immediately called additional trucks to the scene. It was still early in the morning but he knew that if they had more hands-on-deck they could clean up the surrounding area quickly and block off any wet areas from the general public allowing the flow of the office building on a Tuesday morning to carry on as if nothing had happened. Once we had the leak under control (and the surrounding area below completely clean) we brought in the drying equipment to pull moisture out of the ceiling above preventing further damage to the panels. If you have a water damage repair in Manhattan, we are here to help! Contact our office now.

Experienced Water Damage Restoration

9/30/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO water damage restoration services are second to none. We have seen almost every type of water damage in commercial and residential buildings in NYC and we can quickly identify and quote a water damage restoration loss when we see one. This is essential as the sooner we are able to diagnosis the issue the faster we are able to begin drying and restoration. Our team of trained techs and project managers have worked throughout New York City and are prepared for water damage restoration services 24/7. 

SERVPRO of Lower East Side/Downtown Manhattan is well-positioned in Manhattan and in Queens allowing us to quickly respond to water damage restoration in NYC. We work with almost all major insurance providers and have the resources to manage and complete large-loss projects. Contact our office today, (332) 900-2337

Sewage Cleanup, We can help, fast!

9/30/2019 (Permalink)

When your building has an issue with sewage, we got your back when you need it most. Our 24/7 local support is a huge advantage over the competition. In the event of a sewage backup, you can be sure that experienced techs will arrive in a timely fashion and will immediately begin the restoration process. SERVPRO of Lower East Side/Downtown Manhattan offers complete repair and sewage cleanup services. After we diagnose and restore the area we will then offer a complete analysis of the issue. Many times our plumbing & construction capabilities allow us to completely remedy the problem at the fraction of the cost of having to call an additional contractor. 

If your building has issues with sewage and requires sewage cleanup services, call us today and we can try to help prevent your next disaster!

Time to Clean Your Buildings Duct Work

9/30/2019 (Permalink)

After a warm summer and the beginning of a very warm fall, it is hard to think about the cold of winter that is ahead. But with less than 100 days to go until Christamas it is in the back of all of our minds. But before the cold weather gets here it is a good idea to check out your heating system and make sure everything is ready to go. If your building, home or business has ducts it is probably best to have your ductwork cleaned and replace all filters before turning on the heat. 

If you need seasonal ductwork cleaning in your building give our office a call today. We are now scheduling commercial and large residential ductwork cleaning services throughout New York City.